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FS2001 Fadiel Brake Lever

The FS2001 brake lever is a driving device for disabled, suitable for use by lower-leg disability drivers.

The Fadiel Italiana FS2001 device (hand operated brake lever) is designed to allow the brake pedal to be operated with the use of the upper limbs only. With an innovative shape, particularly pleasing to the eye, it is extremely easy to install.

The lever is designed and manufactured with an optimal ratio between strength and resistance, thus ensuring greater and more effective braking with minimum effort.

This is a latest generation product, featuring ABS covers, which allow us to create a lever with a particular and precious aesthetic finish.

The lever is ergonomically shaped to facilitate the person’s access to the passenger compartment, without obstructing it. The knee can easily move forward to the lever handle.

The FS2001 brake lever can be equipped with a five-button control panel for managing the vehicle’s original light controls and services (windscreen wiper, right and left direction indicator, high beam / flashing, dipped beam).

Colors and finishes

It is available in carbon and radish finishes and in satin black, silver, pink, celestial, beige colours.


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