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Novics ProCair Trio Mattress Replacement System

Product Overview

This mattress is ideal for those in the very high-risk category for pressure injuries. Concerns over correct pressure level settings are eased with AutoCair, a real-time automatic weight-sensing technology that automatically adjusts the pressure settings to keep the client within a safe pressure range for effective therapy, delivering fail-safe patient comfort and support. The inbuilt service indicator makes for worry-free maintenance. Featuring SafetyCair, the ultimate protection from “bottoming out”, alternating air cells contain a lower safety cell that remains fully inflated to provide greater surface stability and patient safety. The Fowler Boost mode automatically adjusts the mattress pressure to provide increased support under the sacral area when the backrest is raised. The ProCair® Trio Mattress Replacement System provides increased protection and therapy for vulnerable heels with an independent heel zone made up of narrower cells, that can be disconnected if required.

An inbuilt Back-Up Battery unit provides the reassurance of up to 3 hours of emergency backup power in event of a power failure or accidental power disconnection. Benefit from maximum infection control with a fully sealed base, designed to minimise the risk of bacterial contamination and maximise patient care and safety in an acute care environment. Equipped with an inbuilt CairAlert feature, an optional warning alarm will signal to indicate that a patient has moved off the mattress. The ProCair® Trio Mattress Replacement System also features safety side bolsters for increased support and a quick-twist CPR valve. Choose between a Single or King Single size when making an enquiry to purchase. Please note the ProCair Trio is an alternative to the ProCair Pro (discontinued).

Key Features

  • Enhanced Pressure Injury Prevention: Specifically designed for individuals at a very high risk of pressure injuries, this advanced mattress offers a 1-in-3 alternation cycle for effective therapy.
  • 66% Body Support: During active therapy, it supports 66% of the user’s body, delivering superior comfort and support.
  • Optimal Infection Control: Fully sealed mattress base ensures optimal infection control and hygiene.
  • Real-time Pressure Adjustment: Automatically adjusts pressure settings in real time to accommodate changes in the user’s weight, ensuring consistent therapy effectiveness.
  • Dual Compressors: Equipped with powerful twin compressors for rapid response and a higher weight capacity, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Backup Battery: Includes a backup battery that provides up to three hours of continuous therapy in case of mains power failure, enhancing patient safety.
  • Safety Side Bolster: Features a safety side bolster for increased support and safety, especially during active therapy.
  • Automatic Fowler Boost: Mattress automatically adjusts to provide a Fowler Boost when the bed is profiled, enhancing patient comfort and support.
  • Individual Heel Cell Disconnection: Heel cells can be disconnected individually, allowing for specialised treatment of heel-related issues.
  • Bed Exit Alarm: To notify caregivers when the user has left the mattress, ensuring constant monitoring and prompt response to patient needs.
Technical Specifications
  • Patient Risk Category: Very High Risk
  • Mattress Recommendations: Designed for hospital and high-end age care needs. Enhances comfort with 66% support at any one time. Alternating self-setting therapy in real-time, ensuring optimum pressure and shear reduction during bed articulation. Battery backup that ensures continuous therapy when mains power is not connected.
  • Clinical Features: 1-3 cell Cycle therapy in Real-Time. Full Mattress Replacement. 3 Hours Battery Backup. Automatic weight sensing with Automatic Fowler Boost in Real-Time.
  • Quick Twist CPR Valve
  • Top Cover: Latex Free



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