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Novis ProCair Concave Bed Cover

Product Overview

The Concave Cover helps prevent patients from falling from the bed or injuring themselves from rolling against side rails.  The modular foam sections are easy to remove for cleaning, while the hinged sections conform to profiling beds. Components of the ProCair® Concave Cover are heat-sealed to protect against moisture ingress for maximum infection control.

Featuring a universal fit with elastic corners and straps to secure the cover to an existing alternating-pressure mattress, the cover is easy to fit and remove. Choose from a Single or King Single size when making an enquiry for purchase.

Key Features

  • Fall Prevention: Helps prevent patients from falling off the bed, enhancing their safety.
  • Injury Prevention: Aids in preventing injuries that can occur when patients roll against side rails.
  • Modular Foam Sections: Features removable modular foam sections, making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Conforms to Profiling Beds: Hinged sections of the cover conform to the shape of profiling beds, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Moisture Protection: Heat-sealed components protect against moisture ingress, contributing to maximum infection control and hygiene.
  • Universal Fit: Cover has a universal fit with elastic corners and straps, allowing it to securely fit over an existing alternating pressure mattress.


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