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Scooter and Powerchair Mobility Trailers

Astec Equipment Services are proud to (almost) announce the launch of our custom made, Scooter and Powerchair Mobility Trailers.

Working from the concept of needing an accessible, lightweight and easy to use way of transporting your mobility device without modifying your vehicle, we have engineered and sourced a locally manufactured product to fill this niche.

A waterproof lid ensures your device travels out of the weather and the whole top of the trailer open to allow you access from the outside to stow and unload.

Tie downs inside the trailer offer securing stowing and handrails can be added for safe access inside the trailer.

With the rear of the trailer being 20cm off of the ground, we have been able to set the ramp angle at 1:7.5 and 1:9 for the smaller and larger models respectively.

Two sizes are being developed to suit your needs:

  • A smaller Powerchair model with an internal 1.5m long x 1m wide deck
  • A larger Scooter model with an internal 2.4m long x 1.2m wide deck

These trailers have been designed to be categorised as a light trailer with a carrying weight of less than 500kg.

These are currently in the prototype stage with the first production run being available for sale in February – March 2024.